About the programme, how you can benefit and how you can contribute.


We know startups are always looking out for talents to bring their businesses to the next level. Join the Startup Talent Factory as a participating company & nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

With a detailed programme that includes training and mentorship, you are assured you get the most suitable talent and receive support for being in the programme.

This 12-month programme comprises the following:

Startup Finance & Operations
30 Hours
Startup Product Development
30 Hours
Digital Commerce & Marketing
30 Hours
90 Hours

Why You Will Want To Be Part Of This

  • Talent will be attached to your company to meet your growth needs.
  • Training is provided by school to train talent for your business needs.
  • Funding of up to $12,000 by SkillsFuture SG to support your talent development needs and salary subsidies.

How You Can Be a Part of This

  • To encourage talents to put in their best effort, startups will provide a recommended monthly salary of $2500 for the whole duration of the programme i.e. 12 months.
  • You will be part of the mentorship and provide on-the-job training for the talent.
  • You get to develop the talent by sponsoring the estimated course fees of $2,000 for training.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Read our frequently asked questions here.


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